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View Feedback, Rubrics, and Grades

Graded activities submitted through Blackboard (assignments, discussion board posts, tests) will be given grades and feedback through the Grades and Rubrics area of your course (also known as My Grades).

Within each course's Grades and Rubrics area, you can see feedback and grades for discussion board posts, assignments, and assessments.
  1. Within your course, select the Grades and Rubrics link in your course's left sidebar
  2. On the resulting My Grades page, you will see a list of tasks for your course and any rubrics associated with the assignments.
  3. The image below provides an overview of the various components of your My Grades screen.
    (Note: This page displays information on your most recent submission attempt; to navigate multiple submissions...)

    A) Sort Tabs: The tabs at the top of the screen allow you to sort your course's graded tasks. We recommend keeping it set to All, as items without a due date may not show on other sort tabs. This includes discussion board posts, which do not have a due date.
    B) View Completed Tasks: The blue titles of items listed here are clickable, meaning that clicking the blue title links will lead to further information the item.
    C) Rubrics: For most items, you will be able to access the task's associated rubric via the View Rubric link, located directly under most gradable tasks.
    D) Due Dates: Any assigned due date will be present directly underneath the graded task's title.
    E) Last Activity Status: This column indicates whether a graded task with a due date has been submitted. This column only applies to items with a due date and will not include tasks within discussion board forums.
    F) Feedback: The speech bubble icon present in this column indicates whether overall feedback is available for this task's grade.
    G) Total & Earned Points: This column shows how many points earned out of the total points currently available in your course. For most courses, the column will automatically update with the points as you progress through the course (running total). These settings can vary based on your course or program's desires. Check with your instructor if you have questions about your overall grades and totals within your course.

View Rubrics and Rubric Feedback

To view rubrics and/or rubric feedback, select the link to View Rubric, located directly below any assigned task that has an associated rubric available.
  • view-grades-and-feedback_rubrics1.png
Once you have selected the View Rubric link, a pop-up window will display your rubric. If there is feedback available in the rubric, this will be displayed the same way.
  • view-grades-and-feedback_rubrics2.png

View Grade Feedback

Different types of feedback are available through somewhat different avenues. Follow the processes for the type of feedback you are looking to access below.


To view feedback provided by your instructor for an assignment submission:
  1. Click the blue title of the assignment.
  2. Once you have accessed the assignment submission, a preview of your assignment may be visible on the left.
  3. Comments may be placed directly on your assignment by your instructor, or your instructor may elect to provide feedback in an annotated Word doc of your assignment.
    1. View comments from your instructor by hovering your mouse pointer over the blue comment box to reveal the comment.
    2. If your instructor has attached any files for your review, they will be available in the Feedback to Learner section of the grade pane on the right.
    3. If your instructor uses the highlight or point-based tools, hover your mouse pointer over these to view the comments.

To download the assignment you submitted, view our Knowledge Base article.

Multiple Submissions

If you have submitted multiple assignments to the same dropbox, use the drop-down menu next to ATTEMPT to select the assignment submission in which you would like to view feedback.
Using this to navigate to the correct submission will allow you to view all feedback for that specific submission, as displayed in the drop-down pictured above.

Discussion Boards

To view feedback provided by your instructor for graded discussion board posts, click the blue title of the discussion board forum.
  • view-grades-and-feedback_discussion1.png
Once you have accessed the link, a collection of your posts for this forum will be displayed on the left. The overview below shows several areas of the assignment submission preview that will be useful to you.
  • view-grades-and-feedback_discussion2.png
  • A) This is a collection of the posts you contributed to this discussion board forum.
  • B) Access the rubric and any associated rubric feedback for this discussion board forum by clicking this button.
  • C) This is your score for the posts to this discussion board forum.
  • D) Overall comments and feedback to you will be available in the Feedback to Learner section. Your instructor may elect to provide comments here, but may also provide them elsewhere. Be sure to consult your instructor if you are concerned about missing feedback.
  • E) Click the OK button to return to the My Grades section of your course.

Quizzes & Tests

If feedback is available from your quiz, you will be able to view it by following the instructions below. If you do not see the options below, contact your instructor to inquire about the availability of feedback on your quizzes.
  1. To view feedback provided by your instructor for graded quizzes, tests, or assessments, click the blue title of the quiz.
  2. Once you have accessed the link, the View Attempts screen will be presented. This is a list of your quiz attempts.
  3. Click the blue score of your desired submission to view the complete results.
  4. Next, you will see the Review Test Submission page. This page provides the results of your quiz.

    These results will vary based on the settings established for the quiz in your course. For example, in the screenshot above, the quiz settings only show whether your selected answer is correct. The correct answer is not provided, only the selected answer and automated response feedback. If you have questions about feedback, contact your instructor.