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Upload Files in Blackboard

Uploading files into a class page in Blackboard is very simple, and an excellent way to distribute documents to students - a syllabus, journal or newspaper articles, for example - that helps to make class materials more portable and accessible, and can save you and your students printing fees.

Upload Files

  1. First, make sure that Edit Mode is on.
  2. Hover over Build Content, then click on File.
  3. Give the file a title, this is what the students will see.
  4. Select the Browse My Computer option, the navigate to the file on your hard drive.
  5. Select Yes for Open in a New Window.
  6. Select the Yes radio button next to Permit Users to View This Content.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Your file is now uploaded to the class.

Invalid Files

If you get an error message about the file that is attached being invalid. Simply select the file from your assignments and upload it again from your computer by selecting Edit next to the file.

To see how this is done, view the video below.