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Turnitin (Tii) is an anti-plagiarism assignment dropbox service offered through courses in Blackboard. Student submissions to Turnitin are compared against a database of archived student work, webpages, journals, and books.

Submit an Assignment

Turnitin assignments are required in many Concordia courses using Blackboard, including fully-online courses and on-ground courses.

Access Turnitin within your course in Blackboard. Check with your instructor if you are unclear where Turnitin assignment dropboxes are located within your course.

  1. Select the >> View/Complete link, located directly below the Turnitin assignment dropbox title and description.
    • First-time users must accept the Turnitin user agreement before proceeding with assignment upload and submission.
  2. This will take you to the Turnitin Class Homepage, which displays any Turnitin assignment inboxes for your course.
  3. Select the blue Submit button for the assignment you wish to submit.
  4. On the Submit: Single File Upload screen:
    1. Enter the title of your submission. This is a required field.
    2. Select the grey button to Choose from this computer to upload a file to Turnitin from your computer.
  5. After selecting your assignment submission file, you will see the file name displayed. Select the Upload button to proceed.
  6. Your file will show a brief uploading screen.
  7. Next, a preview of your file and the details of your submission will display.
  8. Your assignment is not submitted yet.
  9. Click the Confirm button to complete the submission of your Turnitin assignment.
  10. A confirmation screen will display indicating that you have successfully completed the process of uploading your assignment to Turnitin.
  11. Copy the submission ID from the displayed receipt for safe keeping.
  12. A confirmation email for your first submission will be sent to the email address you have specified in Blackboard.

Re-submit an Assignment

You may need to re-submit to Turnitin to satisfy requirements as determined by your instructor.
  • If re-submissions are allowed for your Turnitin assignment, re-submissions can be completed following the same process as above, except the blue Submit button will instead display Resubmit.
    • Follow the steps to submit an assignment as outlined in the previous section.
    • Re-submissions must be completed before the Turnitin assignment's specified due date, or you will not be able to re-submit to the Turnitin assignment dropbox.
    • A minimum 24-hour processing time is imposed for resubmitted assignments.

Turnitin Results

Your submission to Turnitin will produce an Originality Report. Originality Reports provide the following results:
  • Flag text that has been identified as closely matching other online resources, including student-submitted work and published articles;
  • Display possible sources where that text is located; and
  • Indicate the percentage of a paper that is attributable to other sources.

Reports will be available for the following file formats:
  • Microsoft Word┬« (DOC and DOCX), Corel WordPerfect┬«, HTML, Adobe PostScript┬«, Plain text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF), Portable Document Format (PDF), Hangul (HWP), Powerpoint (PPT, PPTS, and PPS).

PeerMark and GradeMark options are also available. GradeMark allows instructors to place comments and editing annotations on your Turnitin submission. PeerMark allows your classmates to do the same. The use of these tools are determined by your instructor and are not actively in use for most fully-online classes. If you have questions about the use of either of these tools in your course, check with your instructor.

Before accessing your results:
  • Ensure that you are using a supported web browser (Chrome or Firefox) and that it is up-to-date.
  • Disable your popup blocker.
    • If you have not disabled your popup blocker, you may be unable to access the results of your Turnitin submission.

To view your Turnitin Originality Report results:
  1. Select the >> View/Complete link below the Turnitin assignment dropbox.
  2. On your Turnitin Class Homepage, locate the assignment inbox you wish to view results.
  3. If your assignment submission has finished processing by Turnitin, there should be a percentage specified in the Similarity column.
    • If you see "Processing" as the status in the Similarity column, your results are not ready for review. Please check back later. Do not re-submit, as this will start the processing period over, delaying your results availability.
  4. Click the percentage to proceed.
  5. This will launch a popup window with your paper displayed on the left side. This is the Document Viewer.
  6. The Document Viewer provides a preview of your submission. In the right sidebar are the Turnitin tools.
  7. Originality results and information are available in the red buttons grouping in the Turnitin feedback sidebar. If not already selected, click your Originality score to get further information.
  8. Clicking the Originality score will expand the Match Overview pane.
  9. Click the arrow on a match to reveal further information in the Match Breakdown.
  10. Sources within the Match Overview pane align with areas of your paper in the document preview area.

Get information on other feedback tools: GradeMark (grading tools), PeerMark, and e-rater grammar checking.

Availability of Results

When multiple submissions are permitted, only one Originality Report will be processed per 24-hour period. Overwritten or resubmitted papers may not generate a new Similarity Report for a full 24-hours. This delay is automatic and allows re-submissions to correctly generate without matching to the previous draft.

Be careful to select the correct file before submitting to the dropbox.

We recommend planning accordingly and keeping in contact with your instructor, should you encounter processing delays.

If you see Processing as the status in the Similarity column, your results are not ready for review. Please check back later. Do not re-submit, as this will start the processing period over, delaying your results availability.

Interpret Results

If your paper has matching text in the Originality Report, it does not necessarily indicate plagiarism.

Turnitin will flag quotes that you have correctly referenced. Review your report carefully and if the report was based on a draft, make the corrections before submitting the final assignment.

Complete information on interpreting your Turnitin results is available directly from Turnitin.

Please note that your instructors may have varying standards as to what percentage of similarity is considered unacceptable. It is nearly impossible not to have some degree of repetition in academic writing - often wholly unintentional - simply by nature of the subject.

We encourage all students who use Turnitin to discuss expectations and standards with their instructors.