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Activate Your Taskstream Account

The first time you use Taskstream, you will need to activate your new Taskstream account. The process for this is as simple as accepting the user agreement from within your course.
The course location of your Taskstream assignment dropbox(es) may be different than outlined below. However, you can always identify a Taskstream dropbox by the presence of the Taskstream logo beside the assignment link.

  1. Login to your course.
  2. Next, click Submit Assignments
  3. Locate your Taskstream assignment from the assignments within your course. It should be denoted with the Taskstream symbol shown at the top of this article.
  4. Once you have accessed a Taskstream assignment link for the first time, you should be greeted with the Taskstream User Agreement. Review this agreement.
    Taskstream user agreement.
  5. After reviewing the agreement, you must accept the User Agreement by clicking the I Accept Agreement grey button, pictured in the lower-right corner of the image above.
  6. You have successfully activated your Taskstream account within Blackboard.

Taskstream Assignments

There are several components to your Taskstream assignments. This section will cover how to submit assignments, the different types of items that can be submitted in Taskstream, and how to cancel a Taskstream submission.

Submit a Taskstream Assignment

  1. Login to your course.
  2. Next, click Submit Assignments.
  3. Locate your Taskstream assignment from the assignments within your course. It should be denoted with the Taskstream symbol shown at the top of this article.
  4. Taskstream will display a list of assignment(s) for your course.
  5. Select the assignment you want to submit to Taskstream.
  6. You will enter the Directions section of your Taskstream assignment. Click the arrows to expand any information provided within each of these areas.
  7. Select the Work tab to submit your work.
  8. Select the type of attachment you are submitting to Taskstream.
    • Attachments - Upload a document file (such as a Word doc, PowerPoint, or PDF).
      1. To add an attachment such as a Word doc or PowerPoint slideshow, select the +Attachments button.
      2. Next, select the destination from which you are uploading. Most often, you will upload from your computer's hard drive.
        Click the orange Upload From Computer button to proceed with uploading a file from your computer.
      3. Click the dark grey +Add Files button to present file browser.
      4. Once the file browser is open, locate and select the file on your computer that you wish to upload for your assignment submission.
      5. After selecting your file on your computer, your file will be displayed in the Taskstream interface.
        If you need to add more files to the submission, click the grey +Add Files button and follow the process outlined in Attachments steps 1-5 again.
      6. Once all files are displayed in the Taskstream upload area, click the grey Upload and Close button in the lower-right corner.
      7. A progress bar will appear as your file(s) will upload.
        (You will be able to confirm your assignment was successfully uploaded after you have clicked the Upload and Close button.)
      8. Now that your file is uploaded to Taskstream, select the orange Save and Return button (located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and pictured above) to return to the main Taskstream work area, as seen in the earlier above.
    • Text & Image - Create a block of formatted text and insert images (uncommon).
      1. This is an uncommon task and likely will not be necessary during your courses. If needed, please refer to Taskstream’s resource on adding text blocks and images to a submission for critical assessments in Taskstream.
    • Videos - Upload a video file. The process for uploading videos is similar to that of uploading Attachments. Begin within your main Work area (as seen in step 8 above).
      1. To add a video you have created, click the +Videos button.
      2. Next, click the grey Choose File button to upload a video from your computer.
      3. Once the file browser is open, locate and select the video file on your computer to include with your Taskstream assessment.
      4. Your video’s file name will now appear next to the the Choose File button. Complete the upload of your video by selecting the orange Add File button.
      5. After adding clicking the Add File button, you will see a progress bar as the video uploads to Taskstream.
      6. Once it is finished uploading, you will see the video’s file name displayed on the screen under Currently Attached Uploaded Videos.
      7. If you are finished uploading videos, click the orange Save and Return button to navigate back to the main Taskstream Work area.

  9. In addition to uploading your assignment files, you may also be required to complete a Survey Form as part of your Taskstream submission items. If there is a form to be completed, it will be indicated by an additional box in the Work area titled +Form. To complete the survey form:
    1. In the Work area of the Taskstream assessment, click either the complete this form link or the +Form button.
    2. Complete all sections of the survey form.
    3. After completing your survey, select the orange button titled Save and Return to proceed with completion of your Taskstream assignment.
  10. To submit your completed Taskstream assessment, click the orange Submit Work button.
  11. You will see a pop-up confirmation box. Select the orange Yes - Submit My Work button to complete the upload process.
  12. After submitting your work, a light green colored box will appear at the top of your screen indicating that your submission was successful along with the date and time of completion.
  13. Your assignment submission will then be locked for editing. This allows the instructor to grade the assignment.

Cancel a Submission

Once an assignment has been submitted to Taskstream, it is then locked for editing so that instructors have the opportunity to assess the instrument. If you need to edit your assignment in Taskstream after submission, restore editing capability to your assessment by undoing the submission.
  1. Within the Taskstream assignment's Work area, click the grey Cancel Submission button at the top of your assignment's screen.

    Important: This process will not work if your instructor has completed the Taskstream assessment's evaluation. There will be no Cancel Submission button. Contact your instructor if you need to edit your submission after your instructor has completed the Taskstream evaluation.

Troubleshoot Problems

If you encounter trouble with Taskstream, try the suggestions included below. These are solutions that have resolved errors for other students and may assist you.
  • Update your web browser
    Ensure you are using a the latest version of a supported* web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Updating web browsers frequently resolves issues with Taskstream.
    Check your browser's status, as well as the status of Java, Flash, and other aspects of your computing experience.

  • Clear your web browser cache
    Clearing your browser’s cache often resolves errors related to “session timeout” errors.
    Learn how to clear your browser's cache.

  • Enable cookies on your browser
    Cookies must be enabled in order to use Taskstream.
    Learn how to enable cookies on your browser.

  • Disable your pop-up blocker
    Disable your browser’s pop-up blocker when using Taskstream. Pop-ups are essential to downloading files.

  • Enable Javascript
    Javascript is required for both Taskstream and Blackboard. It must be enabled in order to use our services.
    Learn how to enable Javascript on your web browser.

  • File size limitations
    Ensure your files are not too large to be uploaded to Taskstream.
    Attachments (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) have a maximum size of 50MB each.
    Videos must not be larger than 500MB each.

Please refer to Taskstream's website for additional technical specifications and help resources.

* Note: Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer supported. Do not use IE with Blackboard.