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Taskstream for Students

Taskstream is software the university uses to track certain critical assessments for accreditation. Not all courses require submission to Taskstream but for those that do, Taskstream submission is required.

Quick Start Guide for Submitting to Taskstream

Locate the Taskstream link in your course – it is typically under the Submit Assignment area.
  1. Click the Taskstream assignment title.
  2. Click the critical assessment title.
  3. Click the Work tab.
  4. Click the +Attachments button.
  5. Attach and upload your document.
  6. If necessary, fill out the student survey
  7. Click the Submit Work button.

Locate a Taskstream Assignment in Your Course

  • tsFig1.png
    Figure 1: Taskstream assignments can be identified by this logo

The location of a Taskstream submission link will vary program to program, but it can usually be found with the rest of the assignment dropboxes in the Submit Assignments area. A Taskstream submission link can always be identified by the logo shown in Figure 1. A typical Taskstream assignment is shown in Figure 2.
  • tsStdFig2.png
    Figure 2: A typical Taskstream assignment within a course. Click the assignment title to open the Taskstream interface.

Submit Work to Taskstream

Locate the Taskstream link in your course and click the assignment title. The next screen will list critical assessments for the course as seen in Figure 3. Most courses only have a single Taskstream critical assessment.
  • tsStdFig3.png
    Figure 3: Click the critical assessment title to proceed to the Taskstream submission interface.

Click the critical assessment title to continue to the Taskstream interface as shown in Figure 4.
  • tsStdFig4.png
    Figure 4: The Directions tab in the Taskstream interface.

From this view, the rubric for the critical assessment can be viewed by clicking the View Rubric link. To continue with submission, click the "Work" tab as (as shown in Figure 5).
  • tsStdFig5.png
    Figure 5: The "Work" tab.

Clicking +Attachments will bring up options for uploading a file to Taskstream as seen in Figure 6.
  • tsStdFig6.png
    Figure 6: Attaching student work for submission to Taskstream.

Clicking the purple Upload from Computer button will open a window that will give options for uploading. Either drag the file directly into this window or click the +Add Files button to choose a file from your computer. Click Upload and Close, and then Save and Return. The submission is now uploaded and ready to be submitted as shown in Figure 7. If you wish to cancel your submission you can do so now - however, once the instructor begins assessment of the submission, it will be locked and cannot be canceled.
  • tsStdFig7.png
    Figure 7: Attached work is ready for submission.

Note About Surveys within Taskstream

A few courses (such as EDGR 502 and EDGR 601) have a student survey attached to the Taskstream submission. If the course does have a survey attached it will be visible from the Work tab as seen in Figure 8.
  • tsStdFig8.png
    Figure 8: A few courses have a student survey attached to Taskstream. This survey must be completed at the same time as the Taskstream submission.

Click complete this form to launch the survey in a new window. If there is a survey attached to the course, then the survey will need to be completed at the same time as the Taskstream submission.

Retrieve Instructor Comments on a Taskstream Submission

You should receive an email notification once evaluation of Taskstream submission is complete. There may be instructor comments to review. To access comments from your instructor, please follow these steps:

Navigate to the Taskstream assignment link in your course.

Click through the critical assessment requirement – It should now show as Evaluated.

Click the Results & Comments tab - You should see a view similar to Figure 9.
  • tsStdFig9.png
    Figure 9: The Results & Comments tab in Taskstream.

Clicking Results and Comments will display final score, overall comments, attachments, and the graded rubric, as seen in Figure 10.
  • tsStdFig10.png
    Figure 10: Viewing an instructor evaluation.

Your instructor may have included comments as an attachment. Download these by clicking the attachment title under Evaluator added files. Clicking History and Comments will display a record of all previous submissions and evaluations for this critical assessment. This can be useful for retrieving past instructor comments on a submission.

Resubmitting to Taskstream

While your submission is being evaluated by your instructor, it will be locked and you will not be able to cancel or resubmit. If your instructor decides that your submission requires edits or other additional work they can place your submission in Callback Status. You should receive an email notification if this is the case. If your submission is in Callback Status you can resubmit a new submission. Your previous submission along with any instructor comments will be preserved.

If you have previously submitted to the critical assessment for a course, you may find that you are not able to resubmit. This may happen if you are retaking the course. In this case please contact support at support@cu-portland.edu to clear your previous submission. Please provide your G#, course title, CRN and name of the assignment.


If you encounter trouble with Taskstream, try the suggestions included below. These are solutions that have resolved errors for other students and may assist you.
  • Update your web browser
    • Ensure you are using a the latest version of a supported* web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Updating web browsers frequently resolves issues with Taskstream.
    • Check your browser's status, as well as the status of Java, Flash, and other aspects of your computing experience.

  • Clear your web browser cache

  • Enable cookies on your browser
    • Cookies must be enabled in order to use Taskstream.
    • Learn how to enable cookies on your browser.

  • Disable your pop-up blocker
    • Disable your browser’s pop-up blocker when using Taskstream. Pop-ups are essential to downloading files.

  • Enable Javascript
    • Javascript is required for both Taskstream and Blackboard. It must be enabled in order to use our services.
    • Learn how to enable Javascript on your web browser.

  • File size limitations
    • Ensure your files are not too large to be uploaded to Taskstream.
    • Attachments (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) have a maximum size of 50MB each.
    • Videos must not be larger than 500MB each.

Please refer to Taskstream's website for additional technical specifications and help resources.

* Note: Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer supported. Do not use IE with Blackboard.