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Take a Quiz

The ability to administer tests, assessments, and quizzes online is one of the biggest advantages of using Blackboard. Use this article to get familiar with the process of completing a quiz in Blackboard.

If you are unsure of the location of quizzes or tests within your course, consult your instructor for guidance.

Note: Though this article predominantly uses the term "quiz", the article applies to all exams, tests, quizzes, or assessments that are completed within Blackboard.


  1. Within your course, locate the placement of the quiz. It may be located in a sidebar link titled Assessments, Quizzes, or Tests. Your weekly course instructions should provide clarification on the location.
  2. Next, click the title of the quiz you wish to complete.
  3. Instructions and the test description will display on the Begin: Sample Quiz page. Information displayed here may include any time limit for completion, the specific focus of the quiz (e.g., chapters of your textbook), number of questions, etc., may be included below the quiz's link.
  4. Click either of the blue Begin buttons to proceed to the quiz.
  5. On the Take Test: Sample Quiz page, you will be presented with your quiz's questions. These may be presented all at once or one-at-a-time. The questions may also be randomized, so if you are allowed more than one attempt at completion, remember that the questions will most likely be in a randomized order for future attempts.
  6. There are a number of types of questions you may need to complete for quizzes. Some of the possibilities are briefly described below.
    • Multiple Choice: Several possible answers to choose from. Select the radio button next to the correct answer.
    • Multiple Answer: More than one answer possible. Select all applicable answers.
    • True/False: Statement questions. Select the radio button next to the correct answer.
    • Essay: In the corresponding text box, write a comprehensive answer in response to the question asked.
    • Short Answer: Similar to the Essay question type, type a short answer responding to the question asked.
    • There are other question types possible, but they are less common than the types listed above. Refer to Blackboard's comprehensive article on tests for further information.
  7. After you have completed your quiz, select the blue Save and Submit button at the bottom of your quiz.
  8. Once you have successfully completed your quiz, a confirmation screen will appear.
  9. If results of your quiz are immediately available, clicking the grey OK button at the bottom of the confirmation screen will display these results.

Additional helpful information on quizzes is available from Blackboard.

Tutorial Video

Blackboard's tutorial video on quizzes may be useful.
For instructions on viewing quiz feedback, view our Knowledge Base article.