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Blackboard Update: 2018

Blackboard performed an upgrade to Concordia University’s learning management system (LMS) during the (2017) Christmas break. This article provides important detail regarding the update and changes introduced as part of the new version of Blackboard.

Please review this article carefully as some of the changes may impact your work as a student. We recommend you bookmark this page and check back often.

What's New

Drag and Drop Attachments
You can now drag-and-drop files from your computer into the Attach Files hot spot and attach multiple files to an assignment at once.
  • drag-and-drop2.png

Submission Receipts
You will receive a confirmation number after successfully submitting to a Blackboard assignment dropbox. Your instructor will be able to access receipt information to confirm date and time an assignment was submitted.
  • submissionReceipt1.png

Assignment Feedback
Blackboard updated its assignment feedback system with new features and improved performance. You can now upload a greater variety of file types. However, some features relied upon by students previously will not be present after the update.

Most notably, you will no longer be able to download a commented version of your assignment submission. We understand the impact of this change on our students and have requested Blackboard restore this feature.
  • viewComments1_students_NBV1.png
  • Why is this happening?
    Blackboard's assignment feedback feature relies on software from a third-party vendor. The software Blackboard used previously (Crocodoc) was purchased by Box.com and has been “sunsetted”. Blackboard was required to move to Box’s software. Detail of this change was provided to universities in November. Read more on this transition.

Known Issues

This is the current list of known issues in Blackboard. This list will be actively updated. Please check back often.

'File is being converted'
Assignment submissions may display a "converting" message when viewing your submission. The timer information displayed is inaccurate.
  • submissionReceipt1.png
  • Refresh your page to resolve the issue and display the content.

Course menu missing?
The course sidebar menu may auto-collapse when used with smaller browser windows or displays. This is due to the "responsive" updates to Blackboard Learn. We have alerted Blackboard to this issue and are seeking resolution.

Update (1/22/2018): A temporary fix has been implemented. You may be experiencing some relief with the collapsing sidebar, but some other odd behavior has been noted. We're still working with Blackboard on resolution.
  • external image VHohS1r.png
  • The course menu may be restored by moving your mouse pointer to the left hand edge of the screen and clicking on the thin blue vertical stripe. The menu will remain collapsed on smaller screens or browser windows.
  • You may be able to experience some resolution by persistently expanding your browser window to full screen and de-magnify (zoom out) your browser text as much as possible.
    Keyboard shortcuts (Chrome/Firefox): Ctrl +/- on PC, Cmd +/- on Mac.
    • If the blue bar is missing completely, please try resizing your browser window (i.e., maximize, or drag the edge of your browser window to resize).
      external image h2wIsqG.png

'Error: Fail to save message'
After posting to a discussion board, you may not see your post and may see a warning stating Error. Fail to save message.
  • DB_failedToSave.png
  • Please refresh your browser to see your post. You may see the Fail to save message error, but your post should still be present.
  • This is a known issue to Blackboard and resolution is currently being investigated. We will update with further information as it is available.

Extra decimals visible in grades/rubrics
When viewing grades and feedback, scores in Blackboard may display multiple extra decimals.
  • external image wnlwcqc.png
  • This is a known issue to Blackboard and is slated for resolution in an upcoming release.

Scrollbar missing in My Grades
When viewing My Grades, the scrollbar can disappear. While in the Global Navigation Menu, My Grades section, data queued and displayed in the viewing window is sometimes truncated. Meaning that even if the scroll bar is displayed, using it will not allow you to scroll all the way down to see all of the data. Also, depending on the zoom percentage used in the browser, the scroll bar sometimes does not display at all.
  • Adjusting the zoom percentage in your browser can correct this issue.
    • Keyboard shortcuts (Chrome/Firefox): Ctrl +/- on PC, Cmd +/- on Mac.

Student feedback: Error 404: NOT FOUND
Students and Faculty may receive a 404 Error message when opening grade comments with attachments. Students will be able to view comments, however, opening the attachment will throw this error. Sending the attachment as an email is the best work around. Blackboard hopes to resolve this issue in a future release.

Assignment submission failure in Safari
Some students may experience an issue when submitting assignments in Safari. Use a supported web browser, Chrome or Firefox, as the workaround to successfully submit to an assignment dropbox.