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Student Preview

Blackboard displays content in a way that is different for instructors than for students. One key difference is in how grades are displayed. You may find the Student Preview function useful for determining how your students see your feedback for particular assignments.

A demonstration of how to use Student Preview is included below. This article should also give you a clearer picture of what students see in Blackboard when reviewing their grades.

Use Student Preview

The tutorial instructions below will assist you with using the Student Preview tool within Blackboard.
  1. Open the course in Blackboard in which you wish to test student functionality.
  2. Locate the icon specified in the screenshot below. The Student Preview icon looks like a small, grey eye symbol and is located in the upper-right corner of your Blackboard interface area.
    • This icon and the Student Preview option will only be displayed in areas of your course where students would typically have access. You will not see this icon in areas of your course in which students are not permitted.
    • studentview1.png
  3. Click the Student Preview icon button, indicated above, to use the Student Preview tool.
  4. You will see a message saying that it is Entering Student Preview.
  5. Once you are in Student Preview, the class appears exactly as a student would see it, and a demo student is enrolled in the class.
  6. After you have finished using the Student Preview tool, locate the grey Exit Preview button in the upper-right corner of the Student Preview banner at the top of your page.
  7. A box will open asking if you want to Delete the Preview User and All Data or Keep the Preview User and All Data.
    • Select Delete the Preview User if you would like the demo student and all their work deleted from the class when you go back into Instructor View
    • Select Keep the Preview User if you would like the demo student and their work to remain in the class when you return to the default instructor view. This is useful if you want to go back and reference their work as an instructor, to see what the student encounters during feedback review, etc.
    • You can also choose to have Blackboard remember your choice for future Student Preview use.
  8. After making your selection, click the Continue button to return to your usual viewing settings (i.e., return to default instructor view).