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Save PowerPoint Notes as PDF

The following instructions should work in any version of PowerPoint after 2010. This was tested in PowerPoint 2016. Your student status may provide access to free, up-to-date versions of MS Office 365.
  1. Click Save as and select Powerpoint file (.pptx).
  2. Click Save As again.
  3. Select More options... link under the dropdown menu.
    • SavePPT1.png
  4. Change the Save as type: dropdown menu to PDF.
  5. Click the Options... button.
    • SavePPT2.png
  6. In Options screen, under Publish options, use the Publish what: drop-down menu and select Notes pages.
    • SavePPT3.png
  7. Click OK.

This will produce a PDF version where each page is split in half, with the top half represented with the original slide and the bottom half with any notes.