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SafeAssign for Instructors

SafeAssign is a tool that checks for plagiarism in student work submitted through the Blackboard assignment dropbox.

Create a SafeAssign Assignment Dropbox

You can turn on SafeAssign within an assignment when you are creating the dropbox.
  1. Within your course in Blackboard, ensure that the Edit Mode is ON.
    SafeAssign1 (1).png
  2. Navigate to where your assignment dropboxes are located in your course (e.g., Submit Assignments, Course Content, etc.).
  3. Create the assignment dropbox by selecting Assessments (1) and then Assignment (2).
    SafeAssign1 (3).png
  4. Once you have filled in the fields for the assignment, scroll down to Submission Details, under the Grading section.
  5. Click Submission Details to open up the options.
    SafeAssign1 (4).png
  6. Check the box to enable SafeAssign for this assignment. At this point you can also select whether students can or cannot see the originality reports.

Grade a SafeAssign Assignment

  1. To grade a SafeAssign assignment, begin with the steps grade an assignment as usual in the Inline Grading Tool.
  2. In addition to the typical features of the Inline Grading Tool, you will also see SafeAssign with a percentage plagiarism match.
  3. View a student's submission results in detail by accessing their Originality Report, available by expanding the SafeAssign menu and clicking the View Originality Report button.
  4. The results will load in a new tab in your browser that will contain a simplified version of the student's paper and highlighted results.
  5. To grade the student's paper, enter your grades and comments as you would normally do using the Inline Grading Tool.