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Resubmit an Assignment

Some classes or assignments may allow multiple assignment submissions. To do this, follow the process below. If you are unable to follow this process, first contact your instructor to inquire if your course or assignment allows more than one submission.

  1. Start by opening your chosen class, and clicking on the Submit Assignments link in the navigation box.
  2. Look for the assignment you wish to resubmit and select the link to open the assignment dropbox.
  3. Since you have already submitted a previous attempt, it will take you to the preview where you can view your previous submission.
  4. Click the blue Start New button to create a new assignment submission.
  5. This will take you to the Upload Assignment screen.
  6. Attach relevant files to the assignment dropbox by dragging and dropping your desired file(s) into the "hotspot" (indicated by the dashed line). Alternately, you may click the Browse My Computer button and upload the file as usual.
  7. Click the Submit to complete your submission.
  8. After clicking the Submit button, your new assignment submission should be displayed in the preview window.
    • If it does not immediately display, refresh your web browser.
    • This does not mean your assignment was not submitted. Refresh your browser to display the assignment submission.
    • The assignment preview should display in the New Box View preview area on the left.
  9. Use the drop-down arrow next to ATTEMPT on the right side of the screen to navigate between your other assignment submissions, if needed.