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How to Log In

Students and Faculty will log into all network resources using their UserID. This differs if you are a student or employee.
This includes Blackboard, email, and Banner Self-Service.

Resetting Your Banner PIN

If you've forgotten or need to reset your Banner Self-Service PIN, you must contact the Help Desk .Please contact them by emailing
helpdesk@concordia-ny.edu or phone at 914-395-4802.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, click here and follow the “Forgot your password” prompts to reset it.

If you need further assistance in recovering your username or password, please contact the Concordia NY helpdesk via email or phone:
helpdesk@concordia-ny.edu or phone at 914-395-4802

Changing Your Password

If you know your password, and just want to reset it you can reset your password by clicking here.