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Navigate Taskstream

Locate Taskstream in Your Course

Taskstream is software the University uses to track critical assessments for accreditation. Not all courses have Taskstream integrated. For courses that do have Taskstream, submission and evaluation within Taskstream is required.

Instructors enter the Taskstream interface the same way students do via a Taskstream link in the course.

The location of the Taskstream link varies by program, but can typically be found in the Submit Assignments area, along with other assignment dropboxes. A Taskstream link can be identified with the logo shown in Figure 1.
  • tsFig1.png
    Figure 1: This logo will identify a Taskstream assignment in a course

A typical Taskstream assignment might look like Figure 2.
  • tsFig2.png
    Figure 2: A typical Taskstream assignment in a course

Clicking the title of a Taskstream assignment will launch the Taskstream interface for the course as shown in Figure 3. If this is the first time a user is accessing Taskstream, they will need to accept the Taskstream user agreement.
  • tsFig3.png
    Figure 3: The Taskstream homepage

What is a DRF? How to Navigate to (and within) a DRF

DRF stands for "Directed Response Folio". A DRF is a collection of critical assessments across a variety of courses. Depending on the program, there may be several DRFs available in Taskstream. If there are any questions about which DRF to access within a course, please contact program leaders.

The current DRF for your program is listed below:
  • For the Educational Doctorate (EdD) program: Concordia Ed.D. Portfolio
  • For the Masters in Education (MEd) program: MEd Critical Assessments 2018_July
  • For SPED courses in MEd and EDCI 542: MEd Online SPED
  • For the Masters in Teaching program and undergraduate courses: Initial License January 2018

There are several ways to navigate to enrollments for a given course. Locate the appropriate DRF from the Taskstream start page as shown in Figure 4.
  • tsFig4.png
    Figure 4: A typical DRF as seen on the Taskstream homepage

  • Clicking on Evaluation Required will display all unevaluated submissions (if any) for an instructor across all Taskstream integrated courses.
  • Clicking Awaiting Release will display all evaluated but unreleased submissions for an instructor across all Taskstream integrated course (if any).
  • A submission that is awaiting release has been evaluated by an instructor but not returned to a student.

Clicking on the title of DRF will give options for further sorting student submissions to Taskstream as seen in Figure 5.
  • tsFig5.png
    Figure 5: Options for sorting student submissions

Locate a specific student by typing their name under Search for Individual to Evaluate and click the blue search button. A prompt will appear that allows selection of the student. Then, if the student is enrolled in multiple Taskstream integrated courses, a selection can be made. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue Continue button to display this user's Taskstream critical assessments.

To show all submissions for a given course, use the Select Groups dropdown menu, select the desired group and then click the blue Search button. Then select which folio areas to display as shown in Figure 6.
  • tsFig6.png
    Figure 6: Selecting which groups to display

Note that if work has been submitted recently to Taskstream, this is indicated by a red New Work Submitted! below the course. Check the boxes to be displayed. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

There are options at the bottom of the page for further filtering selections based on evaluation status and timestamp.

Now that selections have been made, Taskstream will display rows of students and their submission status as seen in Figure 7.
  • tsFig7.png
    Figure 7

For instructions on evaluating student submissions, please see our Evaluate a Student Submission resource.

End of Week One Check-In

To facilitate a smooth student experience with Taskstream, we are requesting that instructor verify their Taskstream links and roster at the end of week one. Please follow these steps:
  1. Locate the Taskstream assignment in the course and click the title.
  2. Locate the proper DRF for the program and click the DRF title.
  3. Under the Search By Groups dropdown menu locate the title of the course. If the course has been taught in the past, there may be duplicate titles. Newer courses are at the bottom.
  4. Click the blue Search button, then scroll down and click Continue.
  5. The next page will display rows of students with their submission status.

The roster can be crosschecked with students in the Blackboard Grade Center.

Please note that class rosters are sometimes in flux during the first weeks of a course. Any changes to a course roster can take up to 24 hours to sync with Taskstream.

If there are any inconsistencies or error messages received, contact your core faculty, program leaders, or contact Support. Please include the CRN and title of your course in your message.