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Blackboard is the academic technology platform that Concordia University uses to host online courses. You can access Blackboard to view grades on your assignments, turn in papers, download articles or your course syllabus, participate in class discussions, and much more.

Login to Blackboard

In order to access Blackboard, users must be enrolled in at least one active course.
  1. Navigate your web browser to https://login.concordiaonline.org/.
  2. Enter your network username and password.
    2016-08-29 11_25_56-Login – Concordia Online.png
  3. Use your username and password to sign in.
  4. If you don't know your username or password, or if you have not yet created your network account, click below based on your institution for the appropriate instructions:
  5. Click the Blackboard logo image to enter Blackboard.
    2016-08-29 11_30_24-Login – Concordia Online.png
  6. You must click the Blackboard logo image to access the Blackboard environment.
  7. After logging in successfully, you will see your Blackboard dashboard.

Your Dashboard

Once logged in, you will see your Blackboard dashboard. From here you can view course announcements (if you have any), check calendar items, or use the Tools to email your classmates and change your profile information.
  • SP 14 dashboard.PNG

Your classes will appear in a list in the My Courses module, located in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.
  • SP 14 dashboard 2.PNG
If your course does not appear on your dashboard, please review our information on missing courses.

Your Course Content

Each course will be tailored to the course specifications, either as determined by the instructor or by their program's guidelines and configuration, but each should look similar to this.
  • SP 14 dashboard 3.PNG

Course content will be displayed on the class home screen, but you can also use the quick links bar on the left to find your class discussion boards, submit assignments, take quizzes, check grades, email your instructor and more.