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Hide Unavailable Students in the Grade Center

When students are dropped from a class in Banner the roster for the corresponding Blackboard class is automatically updated. Blackboard does not remove these students from the class, instead it marks them unavailable by placing a circle with a line through it next to their name. The student will still appear in the Grade Center to instructors even though they have dropped the class.

Do not delete students from your course manually.
Enrollments are managed by the Middleware tool and manual adjustments (additions/deletions) can cause complications.

The null symbol next to their last name indicates that they are unavailable.
  • sp14 unavailable user 1.png

To hide the student, follow the steps below:
  1. Within your course in Blackboard, open the Full Grade Center.
  2. Click the grey Manage button and then select Row Visibility.
    sp14 unavailable user 2.png
  3. On the Row Visibility page, click the check box next to the unavailable student you would like to hide.
  4. Click the grey button to Hide Rows.
  5. To finalize the adjustment, click the blue Submit button.
    sp14 unavailable user 3.png
  6. This will not delete the student from the course but will remove them from being visible when grading course materials.

Students should not be deleted from courses, as the Middleware will add them back and accidental deletions can occur, resulting in complete loss of coursework for students. Do not delete students from your course.