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Grade Discussion Board Posts

Discussion board forums that have point-values defined within their grading criteria can be graded for student feedback by following the process outlined in this article.
  1. Enter the discussion board forum you would like to grade.
  2. Within the discussion board forum, click the grey Grade Discussion Forum.
  3. This action will bring up a list of the students in your course and the number of posts they contributed to the forum.
  4. Click the grey Grade button in the far right column to access the posts the student contributed and the grading area.
  5. A list of the student’s contributions and the grading area will be presented.
    Any rubrics used for the forum will be available in the right column.
    1. Enter the student’s score on the right.
    2. If a rubric was attached the assignment dropbox, clicking its title from the Grade by Rubric link will launch the rubric and allow evaluation by rubric by click each selection and entering feedback accordingly.
      1. Launch the rubric in a new pop-out window by clicking the windowed button.
      2. Toggle the Descriptions and Feedback of the rubric on or off using the checkboxes.
      3. Select the completion level of each section of the rubric by selecting a radio button for each category.
      4. Enter rubric feedback text.
      5. Click the grey Save Rubric button to save the feedback and collapse the Grade by Rubric sidebar section.
    3. Click the blue Submit button to grade their post(s)
  6. Click the grey OK button at the bottom-right of this screen to return to the list of students who have completed the forum and proceed with any needed grading in this forum.
  7. Repeat this process for all students who need graded for this forum.