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Grade Assignments with the Inline Grading Tool

Assignments submitted within an assignment dropbox in Blackboard are gradable using the Inline Grading Tool, a document annotation and preview tool. This resource has been updated for the New Box View.

The Inline Grading Tool was created by a third-party (Crocodoc), and integrated into the core build functionality for Concordia's Blackboard instance in mid-2015. In January 2018, Blackboard removed Crocodoc functionality on new assignment submissions.

Further information on this transition is available in our Blackboard 2018 Upgrade resource.

Use the Inline Grading Tool

The Inline Grading Tool provides a number of tools for instructors to provide feedback to their students. The various tools and options are covered in the following sections.

To access a student's submission, you will need to access the Grade Center.
  1. With the course in Blackboard, open the Full Grade Center.
  2. Locate the column and row with the student submission you wish to evaluate in the Inline Grading Tool.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over the cell to reveal a contextual menu.
  4. Select the grey contexutal menu arrow and then select the student submission attempt for review.
  5. Your browser will direct to the student's submission preview in the Inline Grading Tool (now updated to the New Box View).
    If the student submitted a compatible file type, their paper should display.
    • If you do not see the student's assignment previewed, try refreshing your browser if a conversion warning appears. If this a refresh does not resolve the issue, see the Technical Info section for further assistance.
    • If a student has submitted multiple files for a single upload, select the file for preview on the right under Submission.
    • If a student has multiple submissions, you may have to use the Attempt drop-down to select the appropriate submission to review.

Add Annotations

If you wish to add annotations to a student's assignment submission, the New Box View supports point-based comments.
  • Point-based Comments: Click the blue comment button in the toolbar and then click the spot in your student's paper where you would like to add a point-based comment. The comment box will open allowing you to enter you comment.
    • Students roll over the blue box to view the comment in the New Box View.

Watch a quick overview of the New Box View inline grading tool.

Grade Submissions

The Inline Grading Tool includes a grading pane. From here, instructors can access rubrics, add overall comments, and enter grades for a student's submission.
  1. Follow the process outlined in Use the Inline Grading Tool to access a student's submission within the Full Grade Center.
  2. This will launch the Inline Grading Tool with the student's submission.
    • The student's submission will display if the student submitted in a compatible file type, as outlined in the Technical Info section of this article.
    • If the student submitted more than one file or has more than one submission, refer to the earlier sections in this article on navigating the Inline Grading Tool guidance.
  3. On the right side of the Inline Grading Tool preview of your student's submission is the grading pane.
  4. Click the small arrow just below the score box to expand the full options of the grading pane.
  5. Within the grading pane:
    1. Enter the student's score in the score field.
    2. If a rubric was attached the assignment dropbox, clicking its title from the Grade by Rubric link will launch the rubric and allow evaluation by rubric by click each selection and entering feedback accordingly.
    3. Enter visible feedback to the student in Feedback to Learner (more in #6 below).
      1. Launch the rubric in a new pop-out window by clicking the windowed button.
      2. Toggle the Descriptions and Feedback of the rubric on or off using the checkboxes.
      3. Select the completion level of each section of the rubric by selecting a radio button for each category.
      4. Enter rubric feedback text.
      5. Click the grey Save Rubric button to save the feedback and collapse the Grade by Rubric sidebar section.
  6. To attach an annotated Word document file, click the paperclip icon in the Feedback to Learner toolbar and follow the prompts to select and attach the desired feedback file for your student.
  7. After completing all desired sections of the grading pane, click the blue Submit button (pictured above) to save the feedback and allow your student to view their scores and any comments added to their submission.

Technical Info

System Requirements

  • Operating System
    • Computers running Windows (7+) or Mac OSX
  • Internet

File Formats / File Size

  • File formats now supported by the New Box View that can be displayed in the inline grading tool include DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX, PDF, XLS/XLSX, TXT, and RTF files. The complete list is available from the Box Community.
  • File size is limited to files sized 500MB or smaller, except video files, which can be as long as 3.5 hours.
  • Excel files (XLS/XLSX) are limited to files less than 100 columns and 100,000 rows. The maximum file size that can be viewed is 5MB.

Troubleshooting / Known Issues

with Inline Grading Tool: New Box View (2018)
  • Annotations on student assignments will not be visible to students until a grade has been entered.
  • Grading sessions timeout after one hour. You can confirm you are still working via the popup alert if more time is needed.
  • Students cannot download their papers with instructor comments.
    • Students must scroll through the assignment to see if they have comments/feedback.
    • If students want a copy of the comments, they may have to take screenshots or view it within Blackboard.
  • Multiple comments require clicking the comment button for each comment you wish to add to a student's assignment. Then, click in the document where they want the comment to appear.
  • Print functionality is not working reliably in Chrome at this time.