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PDF Forms

One or more of the weekly assignments for your courses may require you to complete a PDF form and submit it to the assignment dropbox. This article will give you a brief tutorial to guide your through the process.

Find the PDF Link

First, refer the to Required Studies section for the week during which the assignment is due and select the PDF link associated with the assignment.
  • form-step-1.jpg

Fill Out the Form Fields

This will open the PDF in a new window or a new tab in your browser depending on your web browser. You can fill out editable fileds by clicking in the highlighted areas of the document, as shown in the diagram below:
  • form-step-2.jpg

Save to Your Computer

Before you can upload the form to the dropbox, you must save it to your computer.

Simply click on the floppy disk icon in the upper left corner of the form window. Once you have saved your completed PDF, upload your assignment as you normally would.
  • form-step-3.jpg