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Evaluate a Student Submission in Taskstream

Taskstream is software the University uses to track critical assessments for accreditation. Not all courses have Taskstream integrated. For courses that do have Taskstream, submission and evaluation within Taskstream are required.

This article covers scoring student work in Taskstream and providing feedback. Other articles in this series cover navigating the Taskstream interface and submitting work to Taskstream.

Score a Student Submission

When a student submits a critical assessment for the course, you will be notified via email of the submission. After receiving the email notification, login to your course on Blackboard, and navigate to their submission within Taskstream as seen in Figure 1.
  • tsEvalFig1.png
    Figure 1: A student’s submission awaiting evaluation

In the status column, click the yellow Evaluate button to open the Taskstream evaluation interface as shown in Figure 2.
  • tsEvalFig2.png
    Figure 2: The Taskstream evaluation interface

The Taskstream evaluation interface displays information about a single student’s submission to Taskstream. Here the instructor can download the student's submission for review or view the critical assessment rubric before beginning evaluation. Click on the submission title or the View Rubric link.

When ready to evaluate a student, click the blue Score Work button on the upper-left. This will open two new browser windows, as shown in Figure 3.
  • tsEvalFig3.png
    Figure 3: After clicking the "Score Work" button, Taskstream opens two browser windows – a preview of the work (L) and the Edit Evaluation window (R).

Score the student’s work for each rubric category by clicking directly on the rubric or by selecting a score from the dropdown menu. Notes can be added for each criteria. These comments will only be visible to program evaluators and not students.

Attach Comments and Feedback

Once scoring for each criteria is complete, comments and feedback can be returned to the student. Scroll down on the Edit Evaluation window past all rubric criteria until Figure 4 is in view.
  • tsEvalFig4.png
    Figure 4: Leave comments and attach files for students to view here.

Using the rubric, sum the score for the student's submission and enter it in the Score field on the upper left. Comments can be left for the student in the Overall Comments area.

If you wish to make inline comments directly on the document, please download the document, open it in Microsoft Word and use tools on the Review tab within Word to annotate. Save the student's submission with a new name and attach it for student review. Make sure the Visible To Author checkbox is checked if you would like the student to be able to see these comments.

Complete the Evaluation

After the submission has been scored and any comments attached, it is time to complete the evaluation and enter the student score into Blackboard. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Evaluation window to see Figure 5.
  • tsEvalFig5.png
    Figure 5: Options for completing the evaluation.

If the submission needs to be returned to the student, click the checkbox next to Send back for revision checkbox. This will include any comments or attachments as described above. Once the submission is returned, the student will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit. This is called Callback Status.

If the submission is completed and ready to be recorded, click the checkbox next Record as final and release evaluation to author now. Any comments or attachments will then be visible to the student.

Please note that recording an evaluation score as final will lock the submission and further student edits will not be possible.

Record Critical Assessment Scores in Blackboard

Important: Please read this section carefully as this process may have changed for your program.

Scores for critical assessments typically need to be entered into the Blackboard gradebook so they can be counted towards the final point total for the course. This process varies from program to program so contact your program leaders if there is any confusion.

For the MEd program:
Do not click the checkbox next to Send final score under Transfer to Blackboard Gradebook. Manually enter the student score into the Blackboard gradebook. There is a column with the title of the critical assessment and the words “manual entry” waiting for scores to be entered. To manually enter scores in the Blackboard gradebook click the proper cell and type the score as shown in Figure 6.
  • tsEvalFig6.png
    Figure 6: Manually entering a critical assessment score in the Blackboard gradebook.

For MEd (SPED classes, EDCI 542 and EDCI 535):
Do not click the checkbox next to Send final score under Transfer to Blackboard Gradebook. These courses follow the original Taskstream model. Students will submit to both a Blackboard assignment dropbox and the Taskstream dropbox. The submission will be scored with comments in Blackboard. The submission will also be scored in Taskstream using a different rubric. No comments or scores will be sent from Taskstream to Blackboard for these courses.

For the EdD program:
Do click the checkbox next to Send final score under Transfer to Blackboard Gradebook and enter the student’s critical assessment score. A column in the Blackboard gradebook will be created and the student’s score will automatically be entered into this column.

If the checkbox is inadvertently clicked, an additional column in the Blackboard gradebook will be created. This can inflate the point total for a course and cause student confusion.

If a column is accidentally created, please submit a Support request. Include the CRN and title of your course in your message.

Edit a Student Submission

If you need to edit a student submission, navigate to that student’s submission by clicking the DRF name and then selecting the proper course from the Groups dropdown. The student's submission will look like Figure 7.
  • tsEvalFig7.png
    Figure 7

Click View/Edit to bring up options for editing the evaluation. The submission can also be sent back to the student. This will unlock the Taskstream dropbox so that the student can resubmit.

Resubmitting to Taskstream

If a student is retaking a course and has already submitted to a critical assessment, they may not be able to resubmit. In this case please have the student contact support at support@cu-portland.edu and include their G#, course title, CRN and name of the assignment. Once support has cleared their previous submission the student will be able to resubmit.