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Download an Assignment Submission
Some assignment types may permit students to download their submissions from Blackboard. We strongly recommend maintaining a personal backup of your assignments. If your assignment submission can be downloaded from Blackboard, follow the instructions below.

This article has been updated to reflect the 2018 changes to Blackboard, including the New Box View assignment preview tool.

Please note that significant changes to the assignment download functionality occurred in the 2018 Update. Learn more in our Blackboard Update 2018 article.

To download and save an assignment submission, follow the process outlined below.
  1. Within the course, select the Grades and Rubrics link on your left sidebar
  2. Click the blue text of the assignment you would like to download (the blue title is a hyperlink).
  3. If a compatible file is submitted, a preview will be displayed in the New Box View inline grading tool preview area.
  4. The submitted file you uploaded to the assignment dropbox will begin downloading to your computer (you may be asked to confirm a place to save the file, depending on your browser settings).
  5. To view a comment from an instructor, hover your mouse over the blue comment box.
Note: We strongly recommend saving all files and previous submissions to your personal computer or cloud storage system. Access to past courses is not guaranteed.

Downloading instructor annotations/comments from the New Box View is not currently possible.

Download an Assignment with Instructor Feedback (Crocodoc only)

Blackboard has updated its inline grading tool and instructor annotation functionality.

Assignments submitted after January 2, 2018 cannot be downloaded with instructor comments.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working with Blackboard and have requested they restore this functionality as soon as possible. Assignments submitted prior to January 2, 2018 are available for download with annotations using the instructions for the Crocodoc inline grading tool.

Crocodoc Inline Grading Tool: Download Instructor Feedback (Assignments prior to Jan. 2, 2018)

  1. Your last assignment submission to this dropbox will display in the document viewer.To select a different submission attempt, use the drop-down arrow next to Attempt... to select another submission attempt
  2. Once the correct assignment submission is visible in the viewer, click the small grey download button on the top of the viewer.
  3. On the popup box, select Download annotated PDF.
    Note: If no comments are present, this option will not be available.Clicking the download button will only download your original assignment submission.
  4. This will download the PDF file with instructor comments to your computer.
  5. Once the assignment is downloaded, open the file using Adobe Reader*. The comments are displayed directly in the document, as pictured below.

    *Important: Complete instructor feedback comments will only be viewable when using Adobe Reader. Instructor feedback comments will not show up if using the native in-browser PDF viewer or if Mac Preview is used to view the PDF.