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Deploy Your Course

On-ground faculty can create their Blackboard course shells at their convenience by self-deploying. This article outlines the workflow for getting a course created on Blackboard that is paired with an on-ground course.

Middleware Tool

Access the Middleware tool via this URL: https://login.concordiaonline.org/login-s2l. Login using your Concordia network username and password.

The Middleware tool interfaces between Concordia’s student information system, Banner, and our learning management system, Blackboard. After logging in, you will see a screen similar to the one below.
  • deploy1.png

Each row in the above interface represents a single course assigned to you as the instructor. The course deployment status is shown in the Status column.
  • Deployed: Course has been created in Blackboard.
  • Ready: Course is available to be deployed.
  • CLS: Fully-online course that will be deployed automatically (typically about ten days prior to the course start date).

Creating Online Shells

To deploy a course, check one or more of the toggle switches under the Deploy column:

This will cause a dropdown to appear in the Template column.
  • deploy2.png

This dropdown shows available templates to copy the new section from.
  • deploy3.png

Click one of the template names to assign this template to the new course. Once the template is assigned, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page, and the shell(s) will be created within approximately ten minutes.

A template is available to an instructor if it falls within the allowed time range (2 years) and was previously taught by that same instructor.

Instructors can also start with a fresh shell by selecting the Standard or Blank templates.
  • Standard: This is the CUP standard template. It contains a CUP header for the course as well as several commonly used tools. This is the recommended shell if not copying from a previously taught iteration.
  • Blank: This is Blackboard’s generic blank shell. This is only recommended if you want to build your course extensively from scratch.

If the desired section is not available as a template (e.g., too old or taught by a different instructor), reach out to support@cu-portland.edu and request to be escalated to the Educational Technology Team. Please include all relevant information in the request for fastest service.