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Discussion Boards

One of the primary functions of Blackboard is to facilitate online, asynchronous class discussions through its discussion board forums. This article covers how to post and edit your contributions to the discussion board forums.

View our article on discussion board formatting for additional important information on your discussion board posts.

Access the Discussion Board Forums

This setup is the usual setup employed for fully-online courses and may not describe exactly how your discussion board forums are configured in your course.
  1. To find your class discussion board, log into Blackboard, open your chosen course, and look on the left for the sidebar.
  2. There will be a link to the discussion board under your class links. Depending on your course's setup, this could be above or below the weekly links on the sidebar.
  3. You will be directed to the class discussion boards.
  4. The boards are forums made up of individual discussion threads, each of which will be centered around a specific week and topic.
  5. To open a forum, simply click on the blue text title.
  6. To access the posts of your peers, open the starter post by clicking the blue title.
  7. A threaded display of your peers' posts will be displayed.
    • Note: Depending on the amount of posts in the forum, content of these posts, and your internet connection speed, it can take a bit to load all of the responses.
  8. Posts will continue to load as you scroll through the threaded posts from your classmates.

Important: After posting to a discussion board, you may not see your post and may see a warning stating "Error: Failed to save message". Refresh to see your post. See our Blackboard Update 2018 article for further information.

Create a New Post

  1. Follow the instructions above to access the forum in which you would like to make a new post.
  2. On the starter post, you will see a blue Reply button.
  3. This will open the visual editor (also known as the rich-text editor and WYSIWYG editor).
  4. Type your post into the text window, or type your post in an external plain-text editor to save a copy.
  5. After you have entered your post's content into the text window, use the buttons on the visual editor to format your post as you would like it to appear.
    • Note: Pasting formatted content from a Word document into your post may result in functionality issues with Blackboard or your post may not display as it does in Word. This is typical behavior. We recommend using a plain-text editor for writing your discussion board posts, such as Notepad or TextEdit. View our article on discussion board formatting for further information.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your post, select the blue Submit button to complete the discussion board post.
  7. After clicking the Submit button, you will be see your newly added post in the threaded conversation.

Edit an Existing Post

  1. If your course has enabled the ability to edit discussion board posts, hovering your mouse pointer over your post should reveal an Edit button.
  2. After clicking the edit button, you will once again be able to use the visual editor and such to amend your post as you desire.
  3. To finish the editing process, select the blue Submit button.
  4. Your updated post will be displayed.