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Create an Assignment

One of the main features of Blackboard is the ability to administer assignments.

When a graded assignment is created (e.g., an assignment that has a score associated with it), a column is automatically added to the Grade Center. Follow the instructions below to create an assignment dropbox in your course.
  1. To create a new assignment, first make sure that Edit Mode is set to ON.
  2. From the course sidebar menu, navigate the course area in which you would like to place an assignment dropbox.
  3. Inside the Submit Assignments area, click the grey button for Assessments
  4. From that menu, choose Assignment.
  5. You will be redirected to the form to create an assignment.
      Enter the title of the assignment and instructions to students.
      Attach relevant files to the assignment dropbox by dragging and dropping the file into the "hotspot" (indicated by the dashed line). Alternately, you may click the Browse My Computer button and upload the file as usual.
      If desired, you can set a due date for this assignment dropbox.
      In the field for Points Possible, enter the score for the assignment. If you have a rubric, you can also associate the rubric with this assignment dropbox. View our video on rubrics for more information. There are a number of expandable options within the Grading section. Expand each by clicking the title.
      • create-assignment5.gif
      • Submission Details: This section houses various options related to assignment submissions, including the option to allow multiple submissions attempts from students. This setting can be adjust using the drop-down menu next to Number of Attempts.
      • Grading Options: This section houses uncommonly used options. Avoid making changes to this section unless you are familiar with how it will impact your course and your students.
      • Display of Grades: This section includes options for the assignment's column in the Grade Center. Avoid making changes in this section unless you are familiar with how it will interact with your course as changes may negatively impact your students and their access to your grade feedback.

      Adjust the availability of your assignment dropbox using the settings below.

      Important: If you intend to reuse this course for future terms, do not change these settings. The settings have to be changed every term and adjustments to the availability would have to be manually adjusted each term. We do not recommend setting an availability date unless absolutely necessary.
  6. When you are finished, click the Submit button.
  7. You will be returned to the Submit Assignments area. A bar will appear indicating that you have successfully created your new assignment dropbox.
  8. A column in the Grade Center will have been created.
  9. (Scroll to the right end of the Grade Center if you do not immediately see the column in the Grade Center.)

Video Tutorial

A short tutorial video is available to walk you through the process.