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Create Content Areas and Folders

Content areas and folders are a good way to organize content within your Blackboard class.

You can create a folder in any content area in Blackboard. You can identify a content area by the menu along the top.
  • contentFolder1.png

Content Areas

The main Course Content page in your class is called a Content Area. You can place Content Folders in Content Areas. You can also create a new Content Area in your class.

To create a new Content Area:
  1. Click the plus sign in the upper left hand corner and select Content Area.
  2. Type the name of the new content area, and check Available To Users.
    If this is overlooked, students will not be able to view or access the Content Area.
  3. Click the Submit button to complete the addition of your new Content Area.
  4. The new Content Area will appear in the left hand menu.
  5. Drag the vertical arrow to change the Content Area's placement on your course sidebar menu.

Content Folders

  1. To create a folder in any Content Area hover over Build Content then select Content Folder
  2. On the next screen you will need to specify a few settings for the Content Folder.
  3. In the Name field, type the folder name. This is what the students will see. If there are any specific instructions you can type in the text box below.
  4. Under Default Content View, you can select if you would like the folder displayed as an icon only, text only, or icon and text.
  5. Set Permit Users to View this Content to Yes if you would like students to be able to see the folder.
  6. Click the Submit button to save your changes and create the folder.
  7. The folder is now created.
  8. If you access the new Content Folder, you will see it is just another content area where you can upload files, create links, or even add sub-folders.