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Course Availability

In order to set assignment and course due dates, you must first make sure that your course start date falls within those ranges and is set as available. To find out how to set the course start date and make your course available, review the steps below:
  1. Login to your course within Blackboard.
  2. Select the desired course under the My Courses section.
    bb course due date 1.JPG
  3. Under the Course Management section, select Customization.
    bb course due date 3.JPG
  4. Select Properties.
    bb course due date 4.JPG
  5. Here you can adjust the properties of your course.
    • Make sure the course is set to available, as seen in the screenshot below, and that the course duration coincides with your due dates.
    bb course due date 5.JPG
  6. After you have made your changes, click Submit to finalize the changes.
    bb course due date 6.JPG