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Computing Standards

Today’s technology environment is in constant change. Given the rapid changes in hardware and software technology it is impractical for Concordia Online Education to recommend specific hardware performance requirements to students. In general, most new computers available on the market will be capable of performing the tasks needed for your online course work.

Below are some minimum considerations recommended to all students to help provide the best computing experience. Please note that as the technology landscape changes, so may these recommendations. It is the responsibility of all students to have regular and unlimited access to the computing technology they need for their courses.

Computing Recommendations

As a student of Concordia Online Education you will need reliable access to a computer with the following capabilities:
  • A current suite of productivity tools which include word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software at a minimum.
  • The ability to publish documents accessible to your instructors and other students as needed in standard formats.
  • An antivirus program that is updated regularly
  • An internet connection with adequate capacity to upload/download files, stream audio and video, and support the function of an online learning management system. (Blackboard)
  • An up-to-date web browser capable of completing any online course work
  • An operating system compliant with current industry standards
    • Windows 7 or higher, Mac OSX 10.6 or higher

Computer Maintenance Responsibilities

If at any time during a course a student’s computer becomes unusable for school purposes, it is the responsibility of the student to contact their professors and arrange an alternative work schedule while their machine is being serviced.