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Blackboard App

The Blackboard App (formerly known as "Bb Student") is a mobile app designed to supplement your online learning experience in Blackboard. The app provides an intuitive way for you to interact with courses, content, instructors, and other students.

Note for Instructors/Faculty: The Blackboard App is used to access Collaborate sessions. The newly launched Bb Instructor app can also launch Collaborate sessions!

With the Blackboard App you can:
  • Enjoy a modern, easy-to-use design.
  • Receive updates about your courses, content, and work due in the activity stream.
  • Take assignments, tests, and quizzes right from the app.
  • Review submitted assignments, tests, and quizzes.
  • View your course grades as well as individual test and assignment grades.
  • Stay on task with a list of all due dates.
  • Access Collaborate sessions (with a direct (guest) link to the session).

Install App


Learn more about the features of the Blackboard app.

Collaborate with Blackboard App (Bb Student)

Before you can access Collaborate via your mobile device, you must have a direct link to the Collaborate session. This is obtained via the Guest Link option for course instructors.
  • Students: If you would like to participate via a mobile device, plan ahead and ask your instructor for a direct link to the Collaborate session in advance of the scheduled meeting time.
  • Instructors: Use the instructions in the faculty-facing article on Collaborate to obtain a direct (guest) link to the Collaborate session, which you can then email to your student(s).

Join a Session

Install the Blackboard App before beginning this process. The instructions below were developed within iOS, but should work similarly on any mobile operating system supported by Blackboard.
  1. Install the Blackboard App before beginning this process.
  2. Within your mobile device's web browser, open the direct link to the Collaborate session.
    • Your invite link should be formatted something like this:
  3. Select the button to Join session using Bb Student.
  4. This should launch a dialog offering to open the Blackboard application. Confirm this choice.
  5. Follow any on-screen instructions on your device to open the Blackboard app.
  6. Your Collaborate session should immediately load within the Blackboard app.
  7. Learn about the functionality available with the Blackboard app.


The below articles answer frequently asked questions related to different aspects of the application.


If you are in need of technical support, please contact Blackboard's Mobile Support Teams by using one of the below contact methods: