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Below you will the find answers and troubleshooting for common issues seen in Blackboard.

Missing Course

Is your course not showing up in your course list?
  • Blackboard courses will be available by 12:01AM the day the course begins.
    • Online Students: Courses typically start on Mondays.
    • On-Ground Students: Course access in Blackboard is determined by the instructor's preference. Check with your instructor for clarification.

  • If your class has already started and is missing from your course list in Blackboard, please contact your Student Services adviser or the Registrar for assistance.
    • Online Students: Contact your Student Services adviser for assistance with missing courses.
    • On-Ground Students: Contact the Registrar for assistance with missing courses.

Note: Instructors of on-ground courses choose whether to use Blackboard or not; check with your instructor to confirm they have a course in Blackboard before contacting other support services. Your instructor will be able to confirm whether they intend to use Blackboard for your course.

Download Files (Safari)

Users who access Blackboard with Safari may experience issues with PDF files not loading properly in their browser.
  • If you experience issues downloading files in a browser, try a different browser.
  • Currently, the supported browsers are Firefox and Google Chrome.

Web Browsers

  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported for use in Blackboard.
  • There are known functionality issues with Safari.
  • Please switch to a supported web browser: Firefox or Chrome.
    • These browsers will work on any computer operating system you use, Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Missing Scroll Bar (Mac)

Depending on the settings of your Apple computer, you may notice you are missing the scroll bar while using Blackboard.
  1. Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of your computer.
  2. From the menu, select System Preferences.
    mac scroll 1.png
  3. Next, select General.
    mac scroll 2.png
  4. For the option to Show scroll bars, select the radio button next to Always.
    mac scroll 3.png
  5. The scrollbars will now always show when you are using your Mac.