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Adjust Due Dates for Individual Students (Quizzes/Tests)

Allow a student to submit a quiz or test after the due date by creating an exception.
  1. Before beginning, ensure that Edit Mode is set to ON within your course.
  2. Click the small grey arrow next to the test to reveal its contextual menu.
  3. Select Edit the Test Options from this menu.
  4. On the Edit Test Options page, scroll down to the section titled Test Availability Exceptions.
  5. In this section, click the grey Add User or Group button.
  6. A pop-up window with all of the students in your course will display.
    1. Select the students you wish to extend/re-enable the exam for by placing a check in the box next to their names.
    2. Click the blue Submit button to proceed.
  7. Next, click the small calendar icon.
  8. Select the days/time frame you would like the student to have extended access to the exam.
    1. Until indicates the revised due date (e.g., 07/11/2016)
    2. The second field indicates the time of the revised due date (e.g., 11:59 PM)
    3. Click the grey Save button.
  9. Note: Uncheck the box restricting submissions after the due date. If this setting is checked, any students who have exceptions will still be unable to access and complete the quiz.
  10. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue Submit button.
  11. This completes the process. The student will now be allowed to complete the date-restricted quiz/test.