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Add Columns to the Grade Center

As an instructor in Blackboard, you have the ability to add columns in the Grade Center for different assignments.

These columns are not connected to an assignment dropbox or other graded item in Blackboard, but can be useful for providing grades and feedback on in-class discussions and other interactions that take place in the classroom for on-ground instructors.
  1. Within your course in Blackboard, scroll down to the Control Panel, located at the bottom of your course sidebar menu on the left side of your screen.
  2. Expand the Grade Center menu and select Full Grade Center
  3. In the Full Grade Center, select the grey Create Column button.
  4. Add the title of the graded task in the Column Name field. You may also add a short description of the task in the Description text box.
  5. Choose your grading system from the drop-down menu, and enter the number of points possible.
  6. Click the Submit button to complete the process of adding your column.
  7. You will be rerouted back to the Full Grade Center screen.
    1. A green bar at the top of the Full Grade Center indicates the column was added successfully.
    2. The column will automatically be added to the far right edge of your Grade Center columns.
    3. Scroll to the right using the scrollbar to locate the column.
  8. Edit the information later by clicking the small grey down-arrow button in the corner and selecting Edit Column Information.
  9. Enter grades into the newly created column by clicking the cell, entering the score, and hitting Enter on your keyboard.